This Is Why You Didn’t Fall In Love In 2017, Based On Your Birth Month


Because you held onto your anger even after it was time to let it go.

You have every right to expect the best out of whoever you date – you’re a focused, strong, and motivated person, and you deserve someone who can keep up with you. And because of this strong ambition, it’s natural that there will be some fighting in your relationships – you’re typically in high-pressure jobs, you have a lot of goals you want to accomplish, and that can make it challenging to try to also balance a healthy relationship with someone. The problem is not that you fight in your relationships (every relationship needs a certain amount of healthy fighting), the problem is that you can get overly defensive while also wanting to point out all the things your partner does wrong. You have a hard time taking the blame in your relationship when something is your fault, and you also have a hard time forgiving your partner and letting things go when something is their fault. Your focus in 2018 needs to be about being willing to admit wrongdoing in your relationships, and to forgive your partner when they’re the one in the wrong.


Because you got bored way too easily in your relationships. 

When you’re in a relationship, you really are a lovely person to be around – you have a great sense of humor, you’re sensitive, you can have really meaningful connections and conversations. The problem you have is that you get restless very quickly – you love the time period in the relationship where everything is new and giddy and novel. But then as soon as things settle down, you get restless and bored and antsy – instead of letting yourself appreciate how wonderful it can feel to be with someone who truly understands you and knows you below that flirty, mysterious surface level. You have to enjoy the moment when the relationship actually becomes deep and three-dimensional, because even though the ‘falling’ part is fun, the ‘comfortable’ part is where you really start to feel connected.


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