20 People On The Story They Stopped Telling Because No One Ever Believed Them

These stories from Ask Reddit are almost too eerie to be true.
A sight that no one will ever believe
Unsplash / David Cohen

1. I found a piece of an astronaut who was in an explosion

“I sadly found a piece of one of the astronauts from the Columbia explosion. I told my teacher, she called the cops, and cops called the FBI. Our whole school had to shut down so they could search the area for more ‘pieces’ of the explosion. It still haunts me to this day.” — ForscherVerrat

2. My father was hit by a stray bullet from the FBI

“When I was very young, my dad was on a tractor working at a landfill. Not far away, the FBI was on a shooting range. A bullet was fired, ricocheted off of the backstop, traveled a good distance, and hit my dad in the arm. He went to the hospital, and after the surgery the FBI collected the bullet, paid for everything, and left.” — masedog91

3. I accidentally burnt down an entire factory

“Once burnt down my mum’s clothing factory when I was 5 years old because I was playing with candles…. no one ever believes me until my family tells the story.” — aparttimefisho


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