17 People Describe Having Nightmares That Sound Like Horror Movies

13. I turned page after page of dead babies until I found her, laying there blue and cold.

“I had a nightmare about my niece. She was an infant at the time, and I was her caretaker. In the dream, she had died. For some reason, dead babies were kept in a sort of book. You’d turn a page, and a dead baby would appear laying on the open book. I turned page after page of dead babies until I found her, laying there blue and cold. I picked her up in my arms and took her to a pool of water. I think I was going to bury her there. So there I was, carrying my dead niece in my arms to her final resting place, after having seen many other dead infants…

It was horrendous, not just because all the babies were dead, but because she was dead and I loved her so immensely and I woke up with the strongest grief I have ever experienced.”


14. With every slice of my wrist, no blood comes out.

“Fell asleep on a normal night, started dreaming about a hot guy in a DeLorean (I apologize for spelling that wrong, if I did). So hot guy wins my heart. Turns out to be the Devil. He tells me in dreaming and that he’s here to tell me I’m going to bear his child here on earth. I’m then forced to do things and have no control over anything, he tells me that I will have no choice in this matter and this dream is showing me what will be in the future and how to prepare. He tells me to look down and as I do I see myself as 8 months pregnant. I start crying because this dream is very realistic and I believe it all to be truth. I ask to take a shower because time was flying by and it was a week since I’ve been stuck with him and he gives me permission. I’m the shower I attempt any way I can to kill myself and he shows up laughing because with every slice of my wrist no blood comes out. He takes me out of the shower and I’m no longer pregnant. He then tears my stomach open and rips my intestines and other organs out but I don’t feel anything. He tells me this is my fate if I don’t follow through that I will be tortured forever. Then I’m suddenly back to normal and no tear in my stomach. I look up to him staring me in the eye saying, ‘You’re going to wake up now. Remember. The date he will be born is August 23.’ I then wake up crying, and have a feeling of something moving in my stomach….”


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