13 Halloween Urban Legends That Refuse To Die

13 Halloween Urban Legends That Refuse To Die
“Bloody Mary.” (Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz)


The most persistent Halloween urban legend of all is the idea that somewhere in your hometown lurks a sadist who’s poisoning the Halloween candy he’s giving out to random trick-or-treaters. In history, there’s only been one case of someone deliberately poisoning Halloween candy—but it wasn’t to random children. It was Ronald O’Bryan of Texas who intentionally spiked his son’s Pixy Stix with cyanide, hoping to collect a huge insurance payout. He also gave the candy to three other children hoping to cover his tracks, but apparently none of them liked Pixy Stix, so none of them indulged. O’Bryan’s son, though, died from the poisoning. O’Brien received the death penalty and died via lethal injection in 1974,


This ancient urban legend isn’t entirely specific to Halloween, but many of its versions involve performing the incantation on Halloween night. It says that if you stare at yourself in a mirror while saying “Bloody Mary” three times, some demonic woman will appear from the other side and possibly try to drag you into her parallel universe. If you do this and see an angry woman staring back at you, it’s probably your mom, who’s just walked into your room and is wondering why you’re being so silly.


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