6 Absolutely Terrifying Personal Accounts Of Alien Abduction

4. It felt as if someone was taking their hands and put them inside me.

“All right, I have a bizarre one for you guys.

Oh boy…here we go.

This is back in 2003 when I was 15 years old in the area of Columbus, Ohio. I was up late one night finishing an English paper that I had postponed until the last minute. It ended up taking longer than I thought and I wasn’t done until around 3:10 AM. I finished up, turned off the computer and went upstairs to fall asleep.

I get in bed and notice the clock says 3:15 before I finally close my eyes to get some sleep. About 30 seconds or so after I do that I begin to hear footsteps up the stairs. At first I was thinking, ‘who the heck would be up right now, maybe my dad?’ One thing I’ll always remember were how odd the steps were. They were abnormally slow and with each step the foot would slide forward until it hit the next step and then lift up. Eventually the steps stop and I assume whoever it is made it to the top of the stairs. I don’t hear anything and then I get a feeling of a presence in the room.

I have a feeling whoever it is…is now at the end of my bed. I’m currently lying on my side with my legs turned over, so that my lower back is kind of facing upward. I begin to feel a pressure go into my lower back, like a hand going into my body and tapping me to see if I’m awake. This is when I’m starting to get real cautious and concerned. Next I feel this same pressure pierce through my legs and stays there. It almost sounds and feels like whoever this is just laid down beside me on the side facing my face.

I sit there silently and wait about 10 seconds (or so it felt) and feel another pressure go into my chest. It felt as if someone was taking their hands and put them inside me. The pressure in the legs was still there. This pressure in my chest began to build and it felt like a swirling buzzy warm feeling. This is where it gets even more weird. So whatever this is on my bed begins to whisper to me, but it sounds very clear and as if it were coming from inside my head. It seemed to be telepathic. It says, ‘Put it on your head.’ I immediately start to get nervous and panic internally and wonder what the hell is going on. I tell myself that I have to open my eyes and force myself to count down from five.

I open them and see a transparent face in front of me about one foot away. I’d say the face was about 50% transparent. I couldn’t make out any clear distinct facial features, but I could see two darker circles where eyes would be and a small oblong shape for a mouth. This all processed in about one second. The next second my reaction is to open my eyes and mouth wide in disbelief. I immediately saw this other being’s face do the same as if it were just as shocked. About one second after that, I shut my eyes, throw my sheet over my face, and go into extreme panic and become paralyzed. The last thing I saw was this being’s face opened up wide and moving backwards. I hear this being fall off the bed from leaning back and makes a thump on the floor. It wasn’t a very loud thump, but still audible. It sprints the heck out of my room and down the stairs. I never hear a door open or anything. I lay in my bed awake the whole three hours until I have to get up for school at 6:30. The first hour I couldn’t even move. I was in shock and the scene kept playing in my head. I knew my door was still open, but I wanted to close it so bad. After the first hour, I calmed down enough to get up and close the door. Jumped back into bed and just kept thinking about it until my sister got up.


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