6 Absolutely Terrifying Personal Accounts Of Alien Abduction

I don’t believe that aliens are organic creatures that evolved on another planet and fly here in advanced ships—the physics of faster than light travel just doesn’t work. The only ‘explanation’ I can come up with is that either they are creatures that can travel interdimensionally (perhaps they come from another dimension themselves) or they exist as independent entities in human consciousness. I know both of those are too crazy to really be explanations, but to me, those creatures are more than nightmares.

I know that on a logical level this is some kind of nightmare or brain disturbance, but let me tell you, the people that suffer from this really do suffer. Some people made up a name for this: ‘Post Abduction Disorder.’ They aren’t trying to say that abductions are real but are just trying to help people who suffer from this. Of course, it’s not taken very seriously, and I understand why. But I do wish sufferers could talk more freely about it without fear of ridicule or dismissal. I know it sounds completely crazy to people who haven’t suffered it.

This is the most I’ve ever told anyone about it. I am not interested in going to any groups or anything; my suspicion is that they are convinced there’s a government cover-up. I’m not interested in conspiracy theories.”


2. You cannot understand them but they can understand you. And they can put thoughts into your head but they can’t hear your thoughts.

“I was first ‘abducted’ in 1987. I was 12 years old. I say ‘abducted,’ but it’s not like that. Actually, you go willingly. It’s scary but it’s exciting, too, and they are somehow able to make you feel OK about things. It’s not until later that you feel bad or like you’ve been violated. And they don’t do a lot of probing, like raping, or anything like that. That’s Hollywood nonsense. They look inside of people sometimes, but they have machines that do it. Not really ‘machines,’ but it’s like a room where things get done and the walls are…it’s hard to explain, so just imagine that all the walls are kind of like X-ray machines? That’s the easiest way to describe it.

Sometimes there would be others there and they would be looking into them or they’d put them under and cut them open, but not usually. They took tissue samples from all of us, I think, and they never put your under or give you any anesthetic or anything. They just poke you. With like those things they take samples of the ocean floor? Like that, but really small. They pull out chunks of you. It’s usually done on the butt or on the lower back.


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