6 Absolutely Terrifying Personal Accounts Of Alien Abduction

FWIW I’ve had sleep paralysis experiences, and to me, these are different, just like a dream is different from a nightmare, and a nightmare is different from sleep paralysis.

In sleep paralysis, I have a dream (or nightmare) about a physical presence that is hostile or angry, and is restraining me or physically accosting me. I panic for a few moments, find that I can’t move, and then I jerk myself awake. Once I’m awake, it fades away quickly , just like a nightmare becomes not-so-real when you wake up.

With alien abductions, I don’t find myself knowing that they’ve happened. I just wake up feeling like complete shit, maybe several days in a row, and I might have daydreams about aliens or remembering scenes from alien abduction shows.

Sometimes I wake up in the early morning with the sense that ‘they just left.’ I won’t be able to sleep for hours, and I will be very aware and afraid of doors and windows. I’m a grown man and when this happens I am not able to fall back to sleep for at least an hour.

As a kid, I remember finding an alien abduction book in the library, and it was like a door had been unlocked. My mom took us to McDonald’s afterward, and I finished the book there. I couldn’t put it down, and for the next three days, I was in shock. It was like confirmation that they were real, that other people did know about them, and that I was really never safe from them.

After that, as a teenager, I got my hands on all the alien abduction books and shows I could find. They scared the shit out of me but I had to keep reading them.


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