6 Absolutely Terrifying Personal Accounts Of Alien Abduction

I’ve looked back on this a lot since then and it forever changed my life. I’ve only spoken to a few people about this and I never even mentioned it to my dad. Of course, some will say it was a lucid dream or some hallucination, but it was very clear and I was awake the entire night. I’ve never had anything like it since then and never expressed any odd mental symptoms. I was also 15 and never had a beer or any drug by then. A few other notes from that night. The being glowed a light blue that caused the area around him to light up a bit. The being was laying sideways beside me with its legs traveling through mine. This accounts for the first feeling of pressure that stayed after the touches on the lower back. I think when it said to ‘put it on your head,’ it was referring to whatever it was building up inside my chest. Maybe it thought I was asleep and it was speaking to my subconscious. Man, that night was a doozy.”


5. It was also like the blackness of his eyes were a window out into a black universe filled with stars.

“One night in 1998(9?) I woke up in a dark room (no paralysis, actually awake). I didn’t see any details of the room except that it was dark and I was laying on some form of table. More important was that I was wide-awake looking up at a grey. He was on my right side and looking down at me. I freaked the fuck out and started shaking uncontrollably in fear and rolled over to face him—no idea why I didn’t roll the other way. As I rolled I looked him directly in the eyes. That was the most profound thing I’ve ever seen. I saw a deep intelligence there. But it was also like the blackness of his eyes were a window out into a black universe filled with stars. It was an image that only lasted a second but I found it really spiritual. When I completed my roll and was curled up in a ball I heard a voice in my head: ‘Go back to sleep.’ I conked out and that was it. It was the most spiritual and most terrifying moment of my life.”


6. The little black implant in my earlobe.

“I’ve seen a couple of weird lights occasionally, and I have no recollection of being abducted, BUT…

When I was 12 or so, I felt something hard and round in my earlobe. I told everyone and they said it was just an under-the-skin zit, pretty normal for someone my age. But it was there for SIX MONTHS.


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