26 People Reveal The Scariest Thing That Happened To Them During An ‘Average’ Day

These stories from Ask Reddit prove that it only takes a second for an average day to turn into the worst day of your life.
A scary skull
Unsplash / Alexander Kafka

1. Someone overdosed during my shift at the movie theater

“I was working at my cinema clearing sessions when I had to go wake up an old man in the back row. Got closer and realized his skin was pale/blue and he was covered in his own vomit. He had overdosed and decided to go out while watching Guardians of the Galaxy.” —┬átuplski

2. A car accident happened right in front of my eyes

“I left work for lunch walking to a restaurant just 2 blocks away. As I rounded the corner a car accident happens right in front of me. A lady walking just 10 feet in front of me is hit and pinned between the car and a building. She was conscious and mad as hell. Despite her legs being obviously broken she let loose a stream of verbal abuse on the driver about her shoes, her dress, her phone, everything except her injuries. It was surreal.” —┬áDepression-Unlocked

3. I found my friend’s dead body inside of his bedroom

“Junior high school. Was supposed to meet my buddy Nick at the swimming pool. He didn’t show, so I walked the three blocks to his house to yell at him. His mom let me in and I walked up to his room and opened the door. Found him hanging from a belt tied to his ceiling fan.” —┬áMikehideous


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