25 TV Viewers Reveal The Most Mentally Disturbing Episode That Was Somehow Allowed To Air

Spoiler Warning: Ask Reddit users talk about the most disturbing episodes from their favorite television shows.
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1. A girl was sexually assaulted by a demon

“Probably not the most popular show, but The Magicians (syfy series), when the girl finds out her memory was altered to forget being sexually assaulted by a demon. Probably one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen on TV.” — alexkim804

2. A child was abused by her own grandfather before she got attacked and died

“The episode of Little House on the Prairie where the girl (14? 15?) is abused by her grandfather, gets spied on by boys while she’s changing, then blamed when the boy’s are caught. Later she’s raped by a clown, beaten, gets pregnant, her grandfather calls her a slut and tells her it was her own fault she got raped, then she gets attacked again and dies.” — karmagirl314

3. An inbred family kept a disfigured woman beneath the bed

X-Files home episode. Inbred family keeps the mother who has no arms or legs under the bed. They roll her out from under the bed to reproduce. It was some sick stuff. Needless to say all sorts of deformities in the children.” — rvore

4. A woman was found dead inside of her bathtub

“DEXTER SPOILERS: Dexter season 4 finale. He finally gets rid of The Trinity Killer, dumps his body in the ocean and heads home. Walks in the bathroom, his wife Rita is dead in the tub as his son sits on the floor in her blood. Trinity had murdered her. That was a fucked up episode and stayed with me for a long time.” — pamzee70


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