25 People Tell Their Creepiest Story That Is Impossible To Logically Explain

Keep the lights on tonight — because these stories from Ask Reddit will make it impossible to sleep in the dark.

17. I experienced a bizarre glitch in the matrix

“I had a glitch in the matrix just today.

I was doing a damage audit and an inventory audit on our fleet vehicles today. I did the damage audit first. I found a vehicle with significant damage and listed out details. This was among about 10 damaged vehicles inside of about 30 we have on our lot.

Well, upon turning in the damage audit, I’m told this vehicle is not on our lot. Befuddled, I went and checked. And it was not where it was when I inspected it. I searched the whole lot. gone.

We had no transports today meaning the vehicle was never moved. We also checked the location history of it and it had only been rented and returned out of one location about 20 minutes away. It’s never been on our lot before.

Here’s where it gets creepy. I’m thinking “okay, I just had the unit number wrong.” Nope. I pulled up previous inspections and it had the exact same damage on it that I had written out.

So some how I inspected a vehicle properly that was not, and had never been, on my lot.” — __celli

18. Someone unseen helped me find my missing jewelry

“I had a favorite pair of silver hoop earrings that I liked to wear pretty much all the time. One day, I looked for them and couldn’t find them.

No big deal, I’m kind of disorganized and figured I just left them lying around somewhere. I kept my eyes open for the next day or two, figuring I’d stumble across them, but no luck.

After they’d been missing a couple of days, I had a date planned for later that evening and really wanted to wear them. So I really thoroughly looked everywhere I could think. Behind furniture, under couch cushions, etc.

I especially looked in and around my bed, as I had a tendency to climb in my bed with them on, and feel them poking and pulling when my head would hit the pillow.

My usual habit was to sleepily pluck them out and toss them on the nightstand, but sometimes I’d miss. So I looked everywhere – behind the nightstand, under the bed, in the sheets, under the pillows. Nada.

Bummed, I gave up. A couple of hours later, I went and got ready for my date. Just as I was about to leave, I glanced at my bed. There, resting in plain sight on top of my pillow, were my earrings.

I was home alone at the time, and hadn’t left the house in between looking for the earrings and getting ready for my date. There’s no way I could have missed them, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how they could have gotten there.” — tidderor

19. Our house near a Civil War battlefield was haunted

“We lived near an American Civil War battlefield and cemetery for a few years. There were trails through the woods that we would hike a lot. One day we’re looking at the cemetery and my wife hears me walk up to her, we were the only ones there, so she turns to say something. I’m nowhere nearby but on the other side looking at a cannon.

From that day we started experiencing oddities.

Her car was always kept in the garage and its inside mirror kept moving overnight. It wasn’t drooping from a loose fitting but would be a random direction. Sometimes it would be pointed up. Other times sideways. Weird but I kinda dismissed it as her bumping it while getting her purse or other items when getting out. Then her car went into the shop and the next morning I went to go to work and the mirror in my truck, which I parked in the driveway with the doors lock, was moved upward. Next morning, same thing, different direction. She got her car back and my mirror never moved again.

There were little goofy things too, typical “haunting” stuff like things moved, the sense of somebody behind you, etc.

Also, our house was a ranch style with the master bedroom on the first floor and our 8 yo’s bedroom on the second right above ours. The flooring job was substandard, so we heard his every movement. He started going to the bathroom, which was down a hallway and halfway across the second floor from his room, a lot but every time we’d go check on him, he’d be asleep. So one night we decided to catch him coming out of the bathroom for no reason other than to make sure he was okay and to tell him to quit stomping like an elephant because come morning he never remembered going. We never were able to. Every time he’d go to the bathroom, one of us would head upstairs while the other stayed in bed. We wouldn’t hear him return and the other would find him asleep in his bed. The next morning we ask him if he was up and walking around last night and he said no, but that for weeks something would walk up to and away from his door but not open it.

My wife turned to the room and said, “You’re welcome to hang around, but please stop walking up to our son’s room at night, you’re scaring him.”

The footsteps never reoccurred after that although the car mirror thing kept on.

Could she have been pranking me? Maybe. But one of the times my truck’s mirror moved was after I’d gotten home and I went to go to the store a couple hours later, the only set of keys to it had never left my pocket.

Could our son have been pranking us? Again possible, but the damn flooring was so bad in one spot that even our cat walking over it caused it to squeak making it nearly impossible for him to get back to his bedroom without us noticing.” — poorbred

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