25 People Tell Their Creepiest Story That Is Impossible To Logically Explain

Keep the lights on tonight — because these stories from Ask Reddit will make it impossible to sleep in the dark.

14. Something unknown bumped into me when I was home alone

“Came home from a date at about 11pm. House dark, didn’t switch on lights cos I know my way around. Went straight to the bathroom, on my way back, down the passage I bumped into my dog, a shar pei, he is as big as my mid thigh.

Told my boy I love him and he should be sleeping but good boy for checking on his mom.

Open my bedroom door which was 3/4’s closed and switch on the light at the same time.

Only to see him on my bed, sleeping, lifting his head when the light came on, to look at me.

I would’ve of heard him or felt him move past me. I was alone. What bumped into me?” — Lyn27

15. A strange figure appeared inside of our house

“When my family first moved to CA, the house we lived in had a lot of weird things occur.

My room happened to be close to the front door/dining room area. Basically, I could hear the front door open and close.

So one day, I’m in my room playing games. It’s after school, everyone is home except my dad, who’s not home from work yet. I’m almost 100% concentrated on an MMO, but I hear the front door open. I quickly, turn to look out and I see somebody walk upstairs (I assumed to be my dad).

Immediately after, I hear my youngest brother yell out, “Daddys home! Daddys home!” My siblings and my mom all rush upstairs to go after my dad. I don’t think much of it and kept playing my MMO.

Just a few minutes later, they all bolt downstairs. There’s a big commotion and my little brother is in tears. I’m still into my game, but I can kind of hear what’s going on. My brother saw a figure go upstairs and thought it was my dad. When they got up there to the master bedroom, no one was there.

I knew I heard the door open, and I also saw somebody to upstairs… but again, we had a lot of strange things happen at that house.” — ObiMemeKenobi

16. My brother came back to life after a near death experience

“Heard this story from my mom regarding my oldest brother who is 12 years older than me. And at the time of the story I think he was around four years old.

Apparently he had some sort of problem that young kids could have where he would stop breathing during the night or something like that – real scary stuff. So he slept on a blanket that would beep if he stopped breathing, but my mom would still pull all nighters making sure he was breathing properly and didn’t die in his sleep. So one particular night she were extra tired and dozed off next to his bed. When she woke up during the night my brother was completely pale and motionless – with no beeping from the blanket. She panics the fuck out and start shaking him and trying to get him to breathe. And, according to her, he looked very much dead – cold and just limp. Now I don’t know how long this actually took (panic and time perception), but mom maintains to this day that he had not been breathing for a good 10-15minutes during the 911 call and up until just before the paramedics arrived.

All of a sudden he just comes back. Starts coughing, catches his breath and pretty much comes back to life. Paramedics arrive shortly thereafter and since mom was all hysterical they needed to keep her outside of his room because her panic caused him to panic. She eventually calms down and listened to the paramedics calming my brother down and just chit-chatting. They wanted to lighten the mood and said something in the lines of ‘Oh, you really scared your mom there, with that deep sleep.’ And he answered in a very matter-of-fact voice; ‘I could hear mommy screaming, but I could not find her until the old lady showed me the way back home.’ The paramedics did not seem to phased about it, but it made my mom convinced that he’d been saved by something otherworldly. So it’s both comforting but pretty damn creepy too.” — Mallvar

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