25 People Tell Their Creepiest Story That Is Impossible To Logically Explain

Keep the lights on tonight — because these stories from Ask Reddit will make it impossible to sleep in the dark.

12. Someone crept around my house in the middle of the night

“This happened about two months ago. I was alone in the house as my parents were away working for the weekend. They were due back that evening, when my mum text me to say that they’d broken down and were awaiting the breakdown service to pick them up. I asked them if there was anything I could do but they told me to go to sleep as they’d probably be back late. Fast forward to 3am, I woke up to use the toilet. When I left the bathroom, I glanced over to their bedroom and the door was shut and I could see the light on inside. (At this point I should note that when I went to sleep, their bedroom door was open and the light was off) So I thought ‘oh they must be home.’ I stumbled towards the door and remember stopping myself, thinking ‘no, I won’t go in, I’ll just speak to them in the morning’. So I turn back towards my room and go back to sleep. Next thing I know, I’m being woken by the sound of the front door opening downstairs. I glanced at the clock, noting it was 3.45am, 45 minutes after I’d last woken up. I thought it was a bit strange and got a tense feeling in my stomach. I walked out of my bedroom, glanced over to my parents room only to see the door open and the light off. The bed was also made so no one had been in it. I felt sick. So I went downstairs and nervously asked my mum, ‘Have you just got home?’ She was like, ‘Yeah, why?’ I just sat staring into space wondering what the fuck happened. I’m still wondering now.” — TheSF91

13. The hallway lights flashed on and off without anyone touching them

“Didn’t experience this firsthand but I overhead some of it on the phone. My sister was visiting my parents (home from college) for the weekend. I live in my own place the next town over. I called her about something and she was clearly very upset. She told me she was home alone and ‘something was happening’ and I asked her if there was someone in the house/an intruder. She told me there were animalistic growling noises coming from the corner and my mom’s dog was going nuts on the noise (I could hear him in the background). She said the hallway lights were flashing on and off. I told her to get her jacket and calmly walk out of the house, taking the dog with her if she could, that I would be by soon to pick her up.

She went outside and brought the dog with her. Her friend was even closer than I was so she picked my sister up and they hung out at her friend’s house for a while. About twenty minutes after that my brother (who also lived nearby) stopped by the house to return some tools he’d borrowed for my dad. He went inside because he saw the lights going on and off (and he’s an electrician). Once he was inside they stopped. He kept hearing someone walking around in the other room, but when he’d go in there, no one was there and when he called out no one responded. He checked the whole house and then also heard animal growling noises from the same corner as my sister. This is an outside wall corner, with windows, not enough space for a raccoon or something to be trapped inside the wall. My brother felt really unnerved and left.” — cakebatter

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