25 People Tell Their Creepiest Story That Is Impossible To Logically Explain

Keep the lights on tonight — because these stories from Ask Reddit will make it impossible to sleep in the dark.

8. I worked in a building filled with ghostly events

“I worked in a bar, a very old building, with countless ‘ghostly’ events. Ghost hunters actually investigated the building and informed me that there were at least 2 ghosts present during the investigation. A young lady, a 19 year old that had a crush on me and would follow me home, and an older man (red and black plaid shirt, I know this because I saw him once and tried to serve him a beer…) I will just throw a couple short explanations here…

Bar is closed, doors are locked, building is empty, music is shut off, TV’s turned off. I am taking the trash out and had to walk about 100′ down a hallway where for 90′ of the walk, I could not see the seating area of the bar. Prop open the door, toss the trash in the garbage, shut the door (was never more that 2 feet from this door) as I walk back towards the bar, i hear loud noises, like partying, glasses/bottles clanking, music, just typical busy bar noises. I start walking slower, completely freaked out. I slowly creep towards the part of the hallway where I can see the seating area, sounds get louder, I peek through the blackened plexi-glass wall behind my liquor shelves, I see nothing, but the sounds are louder. I round the corner and can see 80% of the seating area, see nothing and sound stops instantly. I walk past the glassware and round a corner to see the whole seating area…nothing. Then I hear a sound ‘ting.’ Bouncing wine-glass-fell about 6′, bounced off counter, bounced across the floor about 9′, made a 90deg right-hand turn, bounced another 2′ and sat upright…then I heard a ‘ting’ sound as-if someone flicked the glass. I called the police and had them sit with me until I finished closing up for the night.” — cp434

9. My favorite toy disappeared into thin air

“When I was a kid I was playing outside at our farm with a Dr. Fate action figure. I was in the middle of the lawn and I was throwing it up in the air and catching it; pretending he was flying. I go to throw it up and I swear it just disappeared and didn’t come down. I thought I lost it squinting in the sun or something and searched the whole yard for it. No trees or bushes around; and the house was too far away so it couldn’t have ended up on the roof or anything. There was nothing around me but freshly mowed lawn. It was my favorite toy so I spent so much time searching that day and the next. I never saw it again.” — Montminn

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