25 People Tell Their Creepiest Story That Is Impossible To Logically Explain

Keep the lights on tonight — because these stories from Ask Reddit will make it impossible to sleep in the dark.

3. A disembodied voice saved my sister from a brutal death

“A disembodied voice may have saved my sister’s life.

When I was about 12 my family lived in my great-grandmother’s house. She had died in that house before my sister and I were born, but we knew that it was her home we were staying in.

I’m sitting in the front room as my sister walks toward the front door, and she suddenly stops and turns to me. “What did you say?” she asked. I hadn’t said anything, I was sitting quietly with headphones on. We’re looking at each other confused and suddenly a car spins out in the street in front of our house. The driver regains control and takes off at high speed again. My sister was about to walk to her friend’s house and might’ve crossed paths with that car if she had left the house.

We’re both startled and my sister tells me that a stern voice that sounded like Mom told her to “SHUT THAT DOOR.” Mom was in her bedroom but when we asked her she hadn’t said anything or left her room.

Somewhat related: My sister had talked about dreams she had where she would come home and speak to a old woman. One day my mom finds an old photo album and my sister instantly recognizes a picture of the old woman from her dreams. It was our great-grandmother whose home we were staying in.

From what I’ve learned over the years, things like this are common for the women in my family. Not really creepy, just a bit odd.” — Somedokin

4. A stranger pressed their face up against my bedroom window

“When I was 16, I opened my blinds late at night with the lights off to someone’s face pressed up against the window. This was in the deep suburbs, where we had 1 street light in our cul-de-sac and it was pitch black outside.

I couldn’t move or say anything. It was just a pale man’s face pressed right into the glass, staring in. It’s almost like he wasn’t really looking at anything until I opened the blinds. My heart stopped. I tried to scream but I choked on my own terror. I could hardly see anything, I couldn’t even tell if we were making eye contact. My eyes adjusted and I could finally make out his face, somewhat. I felt icy needles shoot through my heart, a kind of pain that’s hard to describe. His eyes got wide and he grinned, as though he sensed my fear. I could see the whites of his eyes, 2 feet away from my own eyes. He had very dark lips, I could barely make out his teeth locked in the widest grin I’ve seen. He must have been on drugs, because his expression was absolutely insane and he was not blinking or moving, just locking his eyes to mine (as far as I could tell). The way his face was pressed up against the glass made it look like he had no nose, it was just sickening. I jolted out of my room to wake up my parents, but I took one look back. He was still there, grinning and wide eyed. We called the cops and huddled in the kitchen with knives, in the pitch black darkness hearing nothing. The silence was the worst part. I wish I could hear something, but all I heard was the pounding of my heart. Even the sound of this predator smashing through the window would have been less terrifying.

The cops came within 10 minutes, although it felt like hours. When it got lighter, the cops did a search and found the obvious face print on my window. There were also face prints on other windows on the back yard side of my house – into my parents’ room and into our kitchen. Who knows how long he was out there. They also found pistachio shells all over the deck that my window faces out to. He was walking back and forth between the windows eating pistachios. There was a small patch of woods behind our back yard, they suggested he ran through there and for us to think about putting a fence up. I have never opened the blinds at night since, even after moving to a 20th floor condo.” — 291099001

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