25 Backpackers And Park Rangers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Found Lurking In The Woods

Something lurking in the woods
Unsplash / M Wrona

1. We discovered a human skull buried in the sand

“I was like 12 and lived near the sand dunes. We used to hike there all the time. My grandmother came to visit so we both went on a hike and I see this weird circular rock in the sand. I point it out to my grandmother and she goes over there and starts removing the sand around it and she notices blood on the rock. She then pulls it out of the sand and its a human skull. We reported it to the police. So what happened was that this dude was killed by his roommate and he cut him into 5 pieces and buried each part in a different location in the sand dunes. We found the last missing piece. His skull. We were on the news! Pretty cool memory I have of my grandmother.” — 2BeersADay 

2. A woman was living like Norman Bates, keeping her dead parents with her

“Not really camping but as kids we lived in a new neighborhood. It was next to about 400 acres of woods and old farmland. There were several abandoned houses and barns, equipment, and random junk. It was great to grow up there as we spent nearly every day exploring the area.

But there was one house off the main road, but about 200 yards into the woods. It looked abandoned but a woman lived there. We found out the hard way by trying to get into the house one day, and she came out screaming at us to get the hell off her property.

She was scary looking as hell. She wore a dirty dress and had gross stringy hair, and look like she hadn’t taken a shower for years. She looked to be in her 30’s. Needless to say, we stayed away from her most of the time. We also never told our parents because we knew that they wouldn’t let us play back there anymore.

We did go back sometime though. We named her ‘Crazy Mary,’ and we’d spy on here, and dare each other to get as close as possible. Even then we never got closer than 100 feet from her house.

About 10-12 years later I am home from college and my mom tells me about how they took this woman to the mental hospital. Apparently she lived there this whole time with her dead mother and father propped up in their chairs in the living room. They figured the parents were dead for 10-15 years, but died of natural causes and Mary had propped them up in the chairs after they died. That meant the were probably freshly dead when we got chased away by Crazy Mary.” — Luder714

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