22 SUPER-Creepy Real-Life Stories From Working The Night Shift


“I worked overnight at a pasta plant during my teens. One night my dad showed up out of nowhere (he worked there, he was the quality control manager) and told me we were going home. No explanation or anything at the time. He just said they were shutting down production immediately and there wasn’t going to be work for probably a few more days.

Turned out some guy fucking killed one of his kids in the plant, probably by accident. It took a long time for the rumors to get back to me, but apparently one of the forklift guys was joyriding around the place, went under one of the overhangs, but had his kid in the thing with him, and that kid was standing up with his head out the top.

Apparently he either was decapitated or his neck was broken, but either way he was killed.

It was creepy how it happened in the place, and it couldn’t have been far from me, but I had no idea. Also really terrible and horrific just thinking about how it could have happened. As a parent now it makes me sick.”



“I used to be a bouncer at several different locations in the Toronto downtown area. I enjoyed working on the patio when I could despite not being a smoker because talking to people made time go by faster and hey, easier to get phone numbers.

There was this one place I worked at that always had crazy shit happen. The ‘patio’ was also a weak chain link fence with some tarp thrown over it. The club was cheap, so the fence didn’t cover the entire area so I had to be watchful of people trying to sneak in.

One night, I felt lazy so I stood in the opening with my back to the street. I was talking to some people trying to kill the time. I felt some guy stand behind (coming in from the street). This wasn’t too unusal, some people get turned away and when they see me, try to bribe their way through the patio ‘entrance’.

I was having none of it so I puffed myself up, determined to ignore him until he gave up on me noticing him. After about 10 mins of this, I started getting a bit creeped out cause the guy was just standing behind me without saying or doing anything.

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