22 SUPER-Creepy Real-Life Stories From Working The Night Shift


“I was a closer at a Wendy’s. Someone pulled through the drive thru after we had closed (around 2am or so) I opened the window to tell them we were closed. They rolled the window down in their car and said ‘What? We can’t hear you.’ So I leaned out a little bit to repeat myself. The driver in the car grabbed me and tried to pull me through the drive thru window. Got free, locked the window as they sped the fuck away.”



“My work has me walking/running around the whole plant all shift, we usually cover around 12-16km on a good day. Combine this with Ontario’s -30 Celsius winters and a deadly crosswind caused by open shipping doors makes for a pretty rough shift. I was close to death 4 hours into my shift so my coworker told me she’d cover me while I went and took a quick nap in my car.

I parked in the CAT assembly plants parking lot across the street from ours so the supervisor couldn’t see me, like my coworker told me to. No more than 15 mins into my 3am nap I was startled awake by someone tapping on my window. Looking around, the parking lot was deserted. Whoever woke me must have either ran away in the seconds it took me to open my eyes or evaporated.

I decided to head back to work and told my coworker about what happened. Her response, ‘Oh yeah, that happens all the time with everyone working night shift, we don’t know who or what it is.’

I haven’t take a parking lot nap since.”



“Nearly 15 years ago I worked nights at a group home for disturbed youth. I would sit in the hallway all night next to the bedroom in between doing bed checks.

I would sit and squirm all night because I would have the very intense feeling of being watched. All night, for the duration of my shift. It wasn’t the kids. I didn’t know where it was coming from, only that it was there, and very strong. It was almost a physical sensation, like a pressure, and it made my already stressful job even worse.

One night I cleaned out the linen closet in the same hallway, and left the door open when I was done. The hallway was so narrow that the door blocked it completely. To my surprise the being watched feeling disappeared immediately, like a switched had been flipped. I was relieved, and grateful, and didn’t question it. I planned to leave the door open during my shift from then on. Problem solved, right?


Maybe 2 nights passed peacefully before it happened. I was sitting, in between doing bed checks, directly in front of bedroom 3. My head was turned, looking into bedroom 2, when movement from the hallway caught my eye. I slowly turned my head to look down the hallway and froze.

I’m shocked to this day that I managed not to scream or piss myself. The linen closet door was now halfway open. There was a tall, elongated person shaped thing hunched over the back of the door, gripping it, with its head peering at me over it.

It didn’t have a face, or clothing, and was flesh colored with elongated arms and legs. It was taller than the door, easily seven feet. It didn’t have a face, but there was no question that it was staring at me.

I was frozen in shock, gurgling. I then ran into the staff office and locked myself in the bathroom, shaking, only to immediately run back out because of the kids. In my head I was screaming, the kids are out there with It!

Everything was quiet. Kids were still asleep. Closet door was still halfway shut, my stuff all over the floor where I dropped it. I was completely panicked and called my sister. I was crying, babbling. She thought I’d been attacked, and wanted me to come home. I was in such a state of shock I couldn’t even think of an excuse to go. Like a jackass I sat huddled in the staff office until the scheduled relief staff came in some six hours later. I didn’t tell anyone but my family.

I always left the door open after that, reasoning that whatever it was, it could look all it wanted, but please Jesus, don’t come near me again.”

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