22 SUPER-Creepy Real-Life Stories From Working The Night Shift

22 SUPER-Creepy Real-Life Stories From Working The Night Shift
Found on AskReddit.


“Working in a restaurant at 2:30 AM some dude shows up and is just watching us through the front window…seemed drunk at first, ignored him for a few minutes, turned back around and he had a HUGE fucking rock in his hands and lifts it above his head and slams it against the window, shattering the outside layer. He then looks directly at us and says ‘I’m gonna kill all of you.’ We dialed the police immediately and armed ourselves with kitchen knives. He wandered back to his car and sped off. The cops got there maybe 8 minutes later (seemed like 30 at the time) and couldn’t find the guy. We were robbed at gunpoint a few nights later….I just walked out and never went back.”



I work nights as a zookeeper. Sometimes we have to check on the gorillas in their indoor holding. You walk down a dark hallway, maybe six feet from their enclosure. All you have is a flashlight and it’s sometime after midnight. Your goal is to check on each gorilla to make sure they are okay. The gorilla’s goal is to scare the ever-loving shit out of you. It’s a game for them to get you to scream. They love hiding behind walls, sneaking up on you, and then bellowing as loud as they can right next to you. It’s a fun game for them.

Haunted houses have nothing on gorilla jump scares.”



“Did two weeks overnight as a favor to my store manager. Went outside to let a member of staff in and saw a body on the floor by the ATM. It was a very cold night so I went and checked on him, thinking he was homeless. Nope—dead body!

Turned out he had a heart attack while he went to the ATM to draw cash out for a taxi. Watched the CCTV to gain some understanding for my own sanity and it happened so quickly. Coroner said there would of been nothing I could of done if I was there when he had the attack.

Safe to say I never did an overnight again.”



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