22 People Explain The Scariest Situation They Have Ever Found Themselves Stuck In

These terrifying stories from Ask Reddit will make the hair on your arms stand up straight.
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Unsplash / Miranda Wipperfurth

1. My father planned out my whole family’s murder

“Overhearing my dad and his friend planning out the murder of my mother, sister and me. I had just turned 17, back in 1986. He was going to burn the house down while we slept that night – he worked midnights. I wasn’t supposed to be home. When I heard him going through the house getting whatever items he wanted to save from the fire (& talking about the plan), I hid in the crawl space between our family room and hall closet. He left to take a load to hide at his friends house. I ran to call someone, anyone (small town of 500 & only 1 sheriff who was his friend) but he had cut the phone lines. Thankfully my mom and sister came home before he got back from his friends house. My sister and I had to plead with our mom to leave but she did. He abused her for 25 years. Now she’s almost 80 and takes tap & jazz lessons, yoga classes, goes on all kinds of trips with her fellow seniors. She’s awesome.” — getaduck11

2. A man kidnapped me at gunpoint and raped me

“When I was 5 1/2 months pregnant and was taken from work at gun point and raped repeatedly for 3 hours. He kept pointing the gun at me and saying he was going to kill me. He has 5 class x felonies now. Trial starts in a month.” — applejellyclouds


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