21 People Describe The Most Terrifying Random Encounter Of Their Life

21 People Describe The Most Terrifying Random Encounter Of Their Life
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“I was once going back to my dorm, which is off-campus, by bus. The bus doesn’t go directly to the dorm, so I have to walk a half mile to get home. One day, I was coming home late, maybe ten thirty or eleven, after hanging out with friends for the afternoon. It was late fall, so it was long dark. I usually walk home with one of my dorm-mates, but she had decided to stay home that night. So I was walking, alone, after dark, in definitely not the safest city in the world. I was a little under halfway there when I heard a scream from one of the back alleys. I think it’s just a raccoon fight or something, as those sound much like human screams, until I hear it again. Another scream. Definitely human. I drop my bag behind a trash can and take off running towards the scream. I enter the alley to see a woman, lying in the dirt. She turns to look at me, her face bloodied and swollen. She has a look of pure terror in her eyes. Her eyes widen, and she glances behind me. I catch a flash of new, fresh fear in her eyes, and she screams, ‘HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!’ Without even thinking about it, I grab the lid off the trash can next to me and swing around, smashing a man at least six inches taller than me and seventy pounds heavier clean in the head. He falls to the ground, knocked out. I see that an eight-inch knife with a huge blade falls from his hand. I called the cops and stayed with the woman until they arrived. I never saw either the man or the woman again.

I take a taxi at night now.”


2. I might kill you tonight.

“A complete stranger approached me in Hollywood once. He was homeless-looking but tall, super tall (at least 6’6), bald, with an absurdly protruding belly—like a water-belly—and super-long arms, like a wax figuring that’s started to melt. One of his eyes was clouded-white and he was missing a tooth or two. He just walked up to me as I was drinking coffee outside, stopped inches from my face and said, smiling, ‘I might kill you tonight’ in a low voice before walking off. Crazy bastard.”


3. Stop making me hurt people.

“Not sure if this is what you wanted but back in college I was walking in a dress and some heels trying to flag down a taxi (relatively late at night and in Chicago) and noticed a homeless man walking alone towards me muttering things out loud as if talking to someone else. He looked up as he was getting closer to me and I saw his open hand close up into a fist. I got nervous and reached for my cell, not knowing really what to do. He stared and kept walking and then stops for a second right behind me and says “I can’t do that…that’ll be 5 to 8 years, stop telling me to do that. Fuck it, I’m doing it.” I turned around and must have looked wildly scared. He caught my eye and said to me, STOP MAKING ME HURT PEOPLE and then turned around and kept walking … scariest moments of my life.”


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