20 Truck Drivers On The Spookiest Thing To Happen To Them In The Middle Of The Night

These stories from Ask Reddit will convince you to stay far, far away from truck stops.
Truck Driver
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1. I parked beside a cemetery and was scared half to death

“Pulled over for a break on the way to Melbourne from Sydney at a truck stop. No street lights or anything, pitch black. No other trucks or cars at the stop. I turn off my lights. I switch the truck off. Do the curtains. Lock the truck from both sides. Jump into bed. set my alarm and set my phone above me in the compartment. I was rolling over from side to side for around 5 – 10 mins, I couldn’t get to sleep due to it being prime summer temperatures; reaching around 30 degrees at night. I’m looking up at the ceiling mentally planning out the day ahead, suddenly the passenger side door opens up slightly, cabin light turns on.

What the fuck.

Now, the truck is fairly a late model and in pristine condition so theres no question about door being faulty or anything. I just sat there for what felt like eternity expecting someone to come up and see me sitting there with the solid rod in my hand that we use for tightening belts.

No one came up, nor was there any noise at all. Just quiet, eerie silence.

I grabbed my torch, and jumped down, walked around the truck. No other trucks were around. Nor were there any cars. It was just me and my fully loaded b double. After around 5 – 10 minutes of getting fucked around with, I locked up and went to bed again.

Woke up next morning, yawned, fixed myself up along with the bed. Opened the curtains, and FML there’s a cemetery next to the stop where I parked. Hunger and laziness all escaped upon realization, grabbed keys, fuck putting shoes on, fuck putting pants on, switched truck on and the just got the fuck outta there asap.” — xr8turbo

2. He had no idea how his truck got from one place to the next

“My boyfriend is a truck driver who routinely does midnight runs. Oddly enough I asked him this question myself a few days ago. He told me that one night he getting ready to park in a lot next to a truck stop. He said it looked like there was no lights, no cars, no sign of anyone but he said screw it — he was tired. He woke up the next morning parked on the side of the road with 3 highway patrol vehicles behind him. He was about 15 miles away from the truck stop he parked at. Thing is? He was sleeping in his camper the whole night. He has no idea how he got on the side of the road and logic says someone tried stealing the truck and succeeded. And the police convinced him of this happening as they saw ‘a man in a black jumpsuit’ running away from his truck into a nearby field. Even then, he still feels uneasy about the whole situation. Apparently the doors were still locked from the inside and there was no real sign of anyone trying to break in.” — Straightretaliation


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