42 Things You Should NEVER Do During Sex

41. Go in dry.

“GOING IN DRY. I cannot stress this enough, no matter where your entry is, if your partner is dry, its going to fucking hurt. Also it’ll hurt you too, remember that post about the guy who ripped his banjo string cuz he went in dry? Lube is a beautiful lifesaver, and it’s even helpful if you two want a quickie and she has a problem with getting wet quick enough. Also, stay hydrated out there, ladies.”


42. Pull your phone out and start recording.

“PULLING YOUR PHONE OUT TO RECORD OR TAKE PICTURES. even if she says no! always ask first and respect what they say. putting anything in butthole without asking first. putting your finger from the butthole (even just a little bit) then to the vagina. doing anything new you didnt discuss prior. includes asking them to beg for it or to say stuff or have stuff said to them farting at any time especially oral. looking off into the distance/ intently watching TV.”

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