42 Things You Should NEVER Do During Sex


intimate couple woman sitting on her boyfriends lap kissing

37. Tell them ‘you’re so hot’ over and over again.

“Don’t tell your intercourse partner ‘you’re so hot’ over and over again, no matter how hot they are. I’ve had several guys do this and it is SO ANNOYING. I always end up telling them to shut up, which feels mean and I don’t like being mean to someone who is currently inside me…but they leave me with no choice.”


38. Fail to reciprocate oral.

“Expecting to receive oral and then not returning the favor.”


39. Constantly ask questions.

“Constantly asking questions…telling you what to say to them…trying to hold a conversation….Just shut the hell up and stick it in already.”


40. Use the word ‘daddy.’

“The word ‘daddy.’ Ban it. Make it punishable by jail.”



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