37 People Share The Trashiest Thing They Ever Saw In Public

31. Cop hands me a black garbage bag. Sudden odor of vomit and shit reeks out of it.

“In no way this story is even slightly exaggerated.

Three years back I was visiting Vegas with a few close friends of mine. One of my friends had his university buddies flying in to party from all over the US. In total it was about 15-20 people group including me. I have heard wild party stories from my friend with his grad school bunch but given the absolute craziness of them I never believed them. I am not a huge party guy, but I tagged along anyway to see where the night led us.

I was told by my friends that all the hotel booking are ‘done’ and I ‘do not’ need to worry about anything and to just pack my clothes and hop on in the car to Vegas. So I did.

After landing in Vegas reality hit me. There were only two hotel rooms that will be shared among 15 people. Idea was that everyone is going to be sloshed and passed out by the end of the night so no one cared who slept where. I did not like that and I decided to go book a room for myself. One of the friends of my friend decided to share the new room with me, let’s call this guy ‘’DJ.’ So we did get a room and got in.

All of these guys left for the night to party hard, I had 2 more nights in Vegas so I decided to hang back and explore the casino for a while and call it a night. DJ got ready for the party, took his hotel key card and left with the other bunch. I got back to my room at about 2 AM and slept off.

Somewhere about 5AM in the morning I get a knock on my door. But I was too tired to get up and I knew DJ had his own key so I don’t need to get up to open the door. I slept in.

Now at about 8AM there is loud thumping on the door. I get up, look through the peep hole and it’s freakin’ police. I am an immigrant, software engineer working in California. DJ was an absolutely stranger to me. I had heard stories about he being a Silicon Valley millionaire entrepreneur but like all the other stories from my friends I had them brushed off as fakes. But seeing police, not one, not two but 4 of them made me almost shit my pants. What kind of guy is this DJ? Are there drugs in his luggage? Are there drugs in my room? One strike and I am out of this country. My life’s fucked up. I started sweating…

I put on my pants, I open the door.

‘Good morning sir” says the police man politely. ‘Do you know…ummm…DJ?’

‘Fuuu***’ I get a brain freeze.

But then I noticed something weird. The hotel hallway smelled funny. Wait! That smells like shit. Then I looked down near my door, some huge brown patch there. Like someone tried to clean up something there.

‘Yes sir, umm…I don’t really know him…He is a friend of a friend. I am just sharing a room with him…I don’t know the guy though…Is there a problem, officer..?’ I muffled.

The officer looks at his deputy, looks back at me. Says ‘Sir, you friend was arrested for drunken misbehavior. He apparently was in a drunken delirious state. He has been diagnosed for alcohol poisoning and been transferred into such and such hospital.’

‘Here are his possessions.’ Cop hands me a black garbage bag. Sudden odor of vomit and shit reeks out of it. I take the bag and keep it in a corner. Then the office told me the whole story.

Apparently, my friends partied super hard that night and moved on to a late after-party later in the night. DJ was drunk and was ‘given something’ (I am guessing drugs). He found himself later robbed of everything including wallet and phone and car keys. Somehow he dragged himself back to the hotel room. The knock I ignored was him trying to get in without a key. He couldn’t but he had to poop really bad. But instead of finding a toilet, he proceeded to take off all his clothes. Yes. All his clothes and he shat next to our room’s door.

He then marched into the casino naked looking for water to clean his ass. This was the ‘Paris’ hotel, btw, with a huge casino in the lobby and restaurants. A drunken chase ensued between hotel security and DJ. DJ was caught and restrained, completely naked, covered in shit and piss. 911 was called in and he was taken to hospital.

After police left, I sat on my bed for next 15 minutes, staring at the black garbage bag in the corner.”



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