27 Things Girls Should NEVER Feel Self-Conscious About (According To 27 Guys)

27 Things Girls Should NEVER Feel Self-Conscious About (According To 27 Guys)
Found on AskReddit.

1. That gap between your front teeth.

“Me: ‘That gap between your front teeth, now that is kinda cute.’
Her: ‘I…have a gap between my front teeth???’
Me: ‘Err, maybe…’”


2. Those dark rings around your eyes.

“I find dark rings around eyes (from tiredness, etc.) really attractive, especially if the girl with them has dark hair and pale skin.”


3. Your vaginas.

“Their vaginas. Most girls are pretty self-conscious about how theirs looks. They are fantastic! What’s not to love?”


4. Eating.

“One time I watched my gf devour like 8 tacos in one sitting like a fucking animal, and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen her do.”


5. Thick thighs.

“Thick thighs. For some reason, women are aware that big boobs and butts are attractive, but are completely oblivious to how nice a curvy set of thighs look.”


6. Love handles.

“They’re called ‘love’ handles for a reason.”


7. Pale skin.

Pale skin is the best! Don’t go tan, that doesn’t help anyone.”


8. Big noses.

“Big noses and fetchingly crooked front teeth.”


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