27 Easy And Surprisingly Effective Weight Loss Tips

26. Get a detox.

“I had to get a detox.

I’d been trying unsuccessfully for months to take off 25 lbs and couldn’t figure out why it was not coming off, I was eating right, going to the gym, yet nothing was working—turns out I was full of shit. Literally.

Went in for a colonic (colon hydrotherapy)—got rid of about 5 lbs. of waste, continued on my fitness plan and the pounds began coming off.

Sometimes the pipes need to be cleaned so our body can work at its full potential.

Best decision I’ve ever made.”


27. Be patient.

“Patience. Losing weight (especially a significant amount of weight) takes a considerable amount of time. I lost 60 pounds, but it took upwards of 16 months of constant work. It was a shade under a pound a week.”

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