26 People Reveal The Most Disturbing Stuff That Happened In Their Hometown

You’re never safe. Not even in your own home. These stories from Ask Reddit prove that.

22. A man murdered his own grandmother

“Guy kills his grandmother then flees and runs over and kills 2 cops with his car.” — bobbyby

23. A woman helped her son kidnap and rape his girlfriend

“The sweet little old lady who worked at the library ended up getting arrested for helping her son kidnap and rape his ex girlfriend.” — spaceturtle1138

24. We had weekly stabbings

“Our Denny’s has steak knives with the roundest, thickest, and most blunt points I’ve ever seen. Why? Because for a year straight there was a stabbing at Denny’s once a week.” — Smeggywulff 

25. A man severed his own penis

“When I was a kid there was a man name Earl Zea who cut his own penis off with pruning shears. He was on Jerry Springer.” — thistimenixon

26. There was a horrible helicopter accident

“A US army helicopter was brought in from the local american military base to lift the cross on top of a newly constructed church bell tower back in the 50’s or 60’s, but then there was a problem with the winch getting stuck and the helicopter was pulled down and crashed right into the church, killing all but one of the men on board. The bent cross is still sitting on top of the church in memory of the accident.” — HerrHerrmannMann TC mark

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