26 People Reveal The Most Disturbing Stuff That Happened In Their Hometown

You’re never safe. Not even in your own home. These stories from Ask Reddit prove that.

18. The Zodiac Killer struck by my house

“The Zodiac killer struck here first, two miles from my house. My sister knew one of the victims. She came over to the house a couple of times; I saw her.” — Tall_Mickey

19. A gang murdered a man and dumped his body

“Biker gangs murdered a man, burned his house down, and dumped his body on a suburban couple’s driveway.” — blacksabbath1970

20. A little kid was shot in the head

“A little over a year ago in a poor apartment complex in the middle of my town, there was an apartment full of kids all younger than 15. A ten year old boy held a gun to the head of an 8 year old boy and told him to ‘suck his dick.’ He counted down and when the 8 year old didn’t comply, he shot him in the head.” — csjosh

21. A man was killed and pushed into a lake with his car

“Someone killed him, cut off his dick and stuck it in his mouth, put him in the trunk and pushed the car in the lake.

Never found out who did it.” — ConCons_Husband


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