26 People Reveal The Most Disturbing Stuff That Happened In Their Hometown

You’re never safe. Not even in your own home. These stories from Ask Reddit prove that.

7. A girl died from a freak accident

“One day a couple of high school senior girls were out for a run on the downtown strip, and a 50 year old awning collapsed right as they were under it. Killed one and maimed the others face. It was terrible and the town was devastated for weeks. Just a complete freak accident.” — NakedLimpShadow701x

8. An entire city block burned to the ground

“Mayor and police bombed a crazy group’s house in a dense neighborhood and then the fire department watched while a whole city block burned down.” — bigredcar

9. A killer was on the loose in our town

“A few years ago we had a shooter going around town and killing people. He just went from place to place on a rampage. I think four died aside from the killer, who was shot in the head by police.” — abductodude

10. A murderer shot a teenager ten times

“Murderer/rapist from across the country was on the run and came here and shot some rich white boy driving his car home ten times. Apparently the kid was a total golden boy and a really nice person so it was ridiculous.

A few weeks prior some asshole had shot a gas station attendant in the crotch to rob him. I’d lived here 20 years and never heard of any shootings here.” — Leohond15


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