26 People Reveal The Most Disturbing Stuff That Happened In Their Hometown

You’re never safe. Not even in your own home. These stories from Ask Reddit prove that.
Hometown with disturbing past
Unsplash / Matt Jones

1. Six people were shot during a gender reveal party

“Few weeks ago there was a shooting less than a mile from my house at a babies gender reveal party.

Like 6 shot. 1 dead. 2 of the injured were kids.

Oh and it turns out the girl wasn’t even pregnant. And it is possible she hired them so she could ‘lose’ that fake baby.” — PlatypuSofDooM42

2. A boy was lured into a basement and beaten to death

“A high school kid was lured into a basement by fellow students and was stabbed and beaten by bricks by like 4 people. His body was then dumped in the river and was found about a week later. There was also a time when a student committed suicide on the front steps of the high school before anyone showed up. For a small town in Ohio, that was some crazy shit.” — grimmcg

3. They kidnapped, tortured, and killed two men

“This was back in the mid 90s in a small town. It was a drug related killing when meth was still kind of unheard of here. Apparently 2 guys owed this dealer some money and couldn’t pay, so the dealer and his friends kidnapped them, kept and tortured them for a couple of days, and when they were done torturing them they tied the 2 guys to the hood of their cars and drove around town showing them off as trophies (undetected by police). When that was over they tied cinder blocks to their feet and threw them off a 200 ft bridge into a lake while they were still alive. It was all pretty gruesome. Plus to top it off, when our sheriff was being interviewed by area news outlets, he said the murders were over tools and belt buckles. I always thought that explanation was funny, even back when I was 12.” — robo80


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