25 Stories From Close Friends Of Convicts Who Were Arrested For Horrendous Crimes

Unsplash / Alessio Lin

1. My father murdered my mother

“My father killed my mother when I was 7 years old. Apart from the fact that I was crying a lot, I didn’t really understand what happened. Only now when I’m older I’m starting to realize the magnitude of that event. Still not sure how to react.” — BronzeEloHell

2. A girl I went to high school with beat her child to death

“In high school, this guy and girl I knew had a baby. I bunked with the girl at six grade camp, and I had known the guy since sixth grade. He was in marching band with me. The guy dropped out of school to get a job and support them. I met the baby a couple times. She was beautiful.

Fast forward a couple of years, the couple breaks up, and the mother takes their baby across the country with her to move in with her new boyfriend that she met on World of Warcraft (whom she had only ever spoken to in a chat room). She does this without telling anyone, and the father is frantic, not knowing where his baby girl is.

A few months later, we found out that the mother and her, now husband, had beaten the little girl to death. They simultaneously whipped her with leather belts, put her head under water, and then picked her up by her hair and threw her across the room. Then they put her body in a bin and dumped it into the river. They were only able to identify her from a police sketching, and the paternal grandmother is the one who recognized her. She was only two.

The investigation and trial lasted two years. They both got life in prison. She will be eligible for parole after 38 years, and he will never be eligible.

I found out about this on the news while I was at college. I was in complete shock, because the girl seemed so normal. She was never into alcohol or drugs, and she always seemed like a goody two shoes. I went to the memorial service, and I talked to the father. He held it together well, but it was so obvious how exhausted he was (emotionally and physically), and you could tell he was an absolute wreck inside.

Fast-forward nine years, the father is now married with three children. He is a truck driver, and he recently started his own trucking company and named it after his daughter.” — Serverindisguise

3. My cousin killed someone from his high school

“My cousin got caught killing a friend/acquaintance from his HS and stealing his car. He hasn’t been tried yet, but there were eye witnesses to him dumping the body on the side of the road from the kid’s car… in broad fucking daylight. He was always a little hell raiser and never obeyed directions, we all thought he would have some issues but we never thought anything like this. I still remember my grandma yelling at him when we were like 8, ‘You’re gonna be thrown in jail one day!’ Holy shit was grandma right.” — Kinnyk30

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