25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

15. I felt someone blow into my ear and speak to me

“This was in the summer of 1995. I am sitting in front of my computer which was off and just relaxing in my office chair when I decided to close my eyes and just kind of rest for a bit.

I just sat in my chair breathing normal and just being relaxed. For whatever reason I decided to pretend my body’s energy was like a radio dial and I remember picking a radio station 98.5 so my normal energy vibration is what I assigned this number to.

I was wondering if I could mediate on that number and see what would happen if I lowered that number, 98.4, 98.3, 98.2 etc and trying to feel the change in energy and vibration, each time by .1

When i got to the low 90’s if felt darkness and heaviness (hard to describe) and felt that there was no point in going lower as this feeling just got worse the lower number i went.

I decided instead to try to go higher and went back up to my original 98.5 and started increasing .1 each step so 98.6 98.7 etc..

I forget what number I was on but then after a certain higher level was reached things got really weird. I could feel my pulse and heart. Then I could feel my pulse on each of my finger tips (never felt that before!) I am still raising my imaginary vibration number

and now i am feeling what felt like 100s of pulses through my entire body (really weird feeling!) but I did not let it deter me from moving even higher to see what would happen.

As I do so all of the sudden I don’t feel the pulses anymore it is now completely quiet and calm. Then the weirdest thing happened, I felt and heard one big ‘POP’ sound. So now I am getting scared because what I heard and felt was totally real.

Trying to keep calm and to see what happens next. The next thing that happened was, I felt someone blowing air in my right ear. You ever had someone blow air in your ear? Same thing. Did it once. (I am scared shitless now but I decide to stick with it to see what would happen.) It blows air in my ear again a few seconds apart. I am ready to open my eyes and jump out of my chair at this point because I can feel this, this is real but I stick with it to see what happens next.

To this day I cannot explain this. As i sat there waiting for another blow if you will, this voice starts talking to me in my ear in a language I could not understand. The voice was male, 30’s or 40’s and the tone of voice was a normal conversational voice. The kind of voice that a friend would be talking to you about their day.

Now that scared me and I immediately jumped out of my chair and opened my eyes but there was no one in my apartment.

I have never tried doing it again.” — Underdark8

16. A strange man with a suitcase appeared in our home

“I was 13 years old and drinking lemonade with my best friend in my kitchen. We were alone. From where we were seating we could see a corridor that leads from the front door to the backyard. We were talking and something made us shut up. We looked to the corridor and there was the shadow of a man walking by with a suitcase. I know she also saw him because we both described the same thing: a tall shadow with a suitcase

Fast forward to a few years later, I had to do a school project with another girl. Again I was alone at home, working on the computer when she arrived. She then asked me where my dad was. When I told her my dad was away, at work, she asked me, ‘Well, then who’s the man I saw walking downstairs and carrying a suitcase when I came in?’

So far, no one else from my family has seen him. I haven’t seen him again ever since, but for a while it really scared the shit out of me to be home alone.” — rraarraarraasputin

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