25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

7. We visited an old, haunted sanitarium together

“There is an old TB sanitarium outside of Louisville, KY called Waverly Hills. I went with a group of 10 or so friends for an overnight excersion. We paid a private group fee and got the entire facility to ourselves from 8pm-4am.

It was my first time ever going to a ‘paranormal’ event and I was very much so skeptical of the entire thing. The place had been on multiple ghost hunters shows and a lot of research I did online toted it as ‘one of the most haunted places in North America.’ I walked into that building a skeptic and walked out convinced that the paranormal was a real thing.

After the guide gave us a tour of the grounds and just a couple of stories (she did not want to put shit on our heads. She wanted our experiences to be our own) we split up into groups, guys and girls.

We went to the 4th floor where there had been I believe 2 suicides with one potential murder and we sat down in the breezeway. We sat one twist light in the center of the circle…and we started talking.

‘Is anyone there? We just want to talk,’ always followed by a directive for any spirits to turn on the light.

This went on uneventfully for 5-10 minutes until finally… ‘if you are there please let us know by turning on the light’ …and it turned on.

‘Ok if you’re there, please turn it off’ the words were barely out of his mouth and the light went out.

‘Did you work here?’ Nothing “Were you a patient here?’ Light on Were you a child?’ Nothing

Finally after several minutes of nothing I said ‘if we are bothering you, let us know by turning off the light and we will leave you alone’ light off immediately.

Later that night (we set up a HQ on the ground level) I was with my girlfriend and 2 other ladies from the group and we were in one of the children’s wards. Now one of the most famous aspects of Waverly is people claiming to have ghosts play ball with them… well we brought one.

We were sitting in a room with this child’s ball doing the flash light test. We had mild reactions with the light and we were trying like hell to recreate our successes from earlier. One of the ladies (who is a nurse and is fantastic with children) stood and said, ‘Ok I’m going to kick the ball and if you want to play with me that would be just great! And if not well that would be ok too.’

She very gently kicked the ball and it rolled and then stopped suddenly… in the middle of the breezeway. Wobbled back and forth for 2-3 seconds and then ever so gently… rolled back to my friend.

It was a great night and I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence.” — HiDiddlyHove

8. I had a conversation with a dead man

“I was 6-7 years old, Saturday morning, I wanted to eat cereal but there was no milk, so I decide to go to a small store that is on the same block as my house. So I walk to it (50 or so meters away from my house) and I see the owner outside looking at his store which is closed. I say hi to him, he says hello, I ask if they are not opening today and he says not today I don’t think anything of it and said, “Okay thank you.” He asks me to say hi to my parents. They have been neighbors and friends for more than 30 years at that moment. I go home make some toast and I see that my parents are dressing up. I ask them where are they going and my mom says they are going to Mr. Ricardo’s funeral whom died last night. Mr Ricardo was the owner of the store I went. The one I saw and talked to 30 mins before.” — PimpangryMX

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