25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

5. My grandparent’s house has had poltergeist activity since 1970

“It started when my Mother and her two sister ‘Louise’ and ‘Theresa’ were playing around in a cemetery (I knoowww… wtf were they ‘playing’ in a cemetary? You got me by the ass on that one!). My Mother apparently forgot about the age old ‘don’t walk on the actual graves asshole’ rule, while they were playing hide and seek, and was running from Theresa. She stepped onto a grave and the ground gave way and she fell INTO the grave. According to her, the grave was from 1907 and bore the same name as her’s. They scooped some of the dirt out, took it home, and got out their Ouija Board. Jimi Hendrix had just passed away and her older sister decided she wanted to contact him. They decided that the best way to increase the power of the board was to sprinkle the grave dirt around the board, light some candles, and turn out the lights. Jimi Hendrix did not answer them, obviously, but a woman named ‘Amy’ did, and she apparently thoroughly chastised them for being ‘naughty girls.’ The planchette immediately after moved to ‘goodbye’.’ According to all three women, the room was silent until the wind picked up outside and blew around the outside of the house in such a way that it sounded like a ‘shrieking woman and a moaning man all at the same time.’ There was no wind in the room, yet, the candle flames instantly went out, and the lamp on the bedside table switched on by itself. All three girls ran screaming out of the room and hid in their Father’s bedroom, between the wall and the bed. After they calmed down and no longer felt threatened they discussed what should be done next.

They went back into Louise’s bedroom where they had been performing the seance, brush the dirt into a linen handkerchief, retrieved the board, retrieved salt and matches from the cupboard in the kitchen and went outside. In the backyard, they said the Lord’s Prayer while holding hands, sprinkled the board and grave dirt with salt, poured gasoline on the items, and burned them.

They went back inside, feeling like this was over, and tried not to think about it anymore. Nothing happened for a few weeks, until the youngest (Louise) began having terrible nightmares, to which she would wake up screaming several times a night. My Mother was next, followed by her older sister, Theresa. My grandparents (both very quiet, and not the type to tell tall tales) described the upcoming months as nights with no sleep, rushing from one room to another, flicking lights on and off, falling into bed after soothing one daughter, drifting into sleep, only to be awakened by another screaming girl. This went on for several months and then stopped abruptly.

Just as my grandparents were beginning to feel well-rested, Louise began screaming for her Mother and Father in the night again.

‘There are people in my room!’

According to Louise, she would wake up because she could hear people talking, and when she would open her eyes, the bedroom lights would be on and there would be a man and a woman standing in the corner of her bedroom, sipping coctails, and having discussions about the weather. My grandmother started sleeping in bed with her now 16 year old daughter. For the first few days, nothing happened, then my Aunt poked her awake in the middle of the night. Grandma opened her eyes and looked around the room, seeing nothing, heard no noises, and when she began to ask Louise why she woke her up, Louise grabbed a fistful of her nightgown and said ‘ssshhhhhh’- and then the lamp on the bedside table turned itself on. My grandmother jumped out of bed, grabbed Louise by the arm, and dragged her into my grandpa’s bedroom. She woke him up, told him what happened, and they both slept in his bed for the next several weeks until Theresa, now 18 and going off to college, moved out, at which time they moved Louise into Theresa’s old bedroom. There were more things that happened over the years but it slowly tapered off into an ‘every once in awhile thing’ once they moved Louise into another bedroom. Now, 47 years later, that bedroom is like a time capsule. My Grandmother used to clean it weekly, but, they never moved anything out of it except Louise’s clothing. All the furnishings have stayed the same, and after years of refurbishing every other room in the house, that room still has pea green shag carpeting and orange and gold owl wallpaper. Since Grandma died ten years ago, no one has really bothered with the room, except for the occasional cleaning it gets when there’s one too many extra overnight guests and someone has to sleep in there- and, no one ever makes it all night, we almost always wake up to find this person sleeping on the couch. At night, when no one is in the room, you can hear people talking- a lot of people, like there’s some kind of party going on in there, coming from that room. As a child, that room was the source of nightmares. All the older cousins would play tricks on the younger ones to force them into that room, only to lock them in (I myself was locked in the closet when I was 7, but that a whole ‘nother story) until their cries for help attract adult attention, or even just the standard “You’re too little to play with us. You have to stay in the back bedroom for FIVE minutes alone if you want to play”. There’ve been small bouts of activity throughout the home over the years (this post is getting pretty long so I’ll cut myself off and not go into any more detail) but, it’s really just something that everyone is used to, and for the last 35 years or so, that room has just kind of belonged to ‘them.'” — Alliekat1282 

6. A ghost girl vanished and reappeared all throughout my childhood

“When I was little I saw a recurring ghost/image. She would appear for a split second and then vanish, but I could always perfectly recreate the image.

She was a short little girl wearing a frilly blue dress and a big red bow, blonde hair, blue eyes, large ears. A couple of notable sightings were her looking through my mom’s jewelery box and one peering through our glass door at me (with her hands over here eyes binocular style)

It never really bothered me and these happened for a while. A few years later ar my Grandfathers house and we were helping him unpack his attic and I found a portrait of his long since deceased sister.

Not quite the same dress, slightly different bow, but the face was absolutely her. She had died as a child quite tragically so obviously I had never met her, but I did know of her but had never seen a picture of her before.

So, not a scary supernatural encounter but rather a heartwarming one knowing the great aunt I never met was saying hello.” — Omni_Omega 

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