25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

3. I spotted the ghost of an old man during a childhood sleepover

“When I was little my brother and I would go to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house and have a sleep over, they would set up this tiny tent for us in their living room. However, when I was around 10 I couldn’t fit in the tent anymore, so my Aunt had us sleep in their basement, me on the guest bed and my brother in the tent.

After going to bed I woke up in the middle of the night to the window well window open and blowing the small curtains up, I felt no wind at all and as I look down there was this old man wrapped up in a blanket warming his hands over the night light. As he’s rocking back and forth he slowly tuns towards me and I dive to the bottom of my sleeping bag (because obviously that was the safest place) and refuse to look again. I was so so scared I couldn’t speak and wake up my brother (who was safe in the tent) and I was sweating so much in my sleeping bag.

I told my aunt the next day and she an my uncle laughed. The last couple of times after that night when I’d go over to their house they would put me in their upstairs guest room beside their bedroom, but I never thought anything of it.

Years later (I was home from university) at a Thanksgiving dinner, we were talking about nightmares and such, and that’s when my Aunt brought up my ‘night terror’ and told everyone that before they bought the home off an elder gentleman lived in the house but unfortunately passed away after. He had made a rocking chair and my Aunt and Uncle had kept it because it was really nicely made. She told me that when I described the old man to her, it matched what he looked like to a T. So after that night when I came over she wouldn’t put me in that room again, and hadn’t told me all those years because she didn’t want me to not keep visiting her. I would also like to point out I do not believe in the supernatural so there probably was an explanation for this…” — dopebananas

4. I saw a child with white eyes covered in a black shadow

“When I was in my living room at like, 2 AM few years ago. I was scrolling about the internet when I decided to get up to get something to drink and put my laptop down. When I got up and turned my head to the entryway there was a child about a foot smaller than me covered in a black shadow with white eyes. I didn’t even have time to scream when he opened his mouth (also white) and disappeared. I cried and called my best friend to comfort me. I haven’t seen it since and i honestly don’t want to know what that was.

I have more stories but thats the scariest and most vivid in my head.” — WiltingDaisy

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