25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

25. My sleepwalking got so bad that I scared my mother

“Okay I have something a bit disturbing that I recently found out from my mom. My older sister and I use to share a room when we were younger. I was 10, where she was 16 and we had bunk beds. I would sleep on the top bunk, and we had a long mirror on the wall across so I was able to see my sister sleeping on the bottom bunk.

My sister use to sleep walk really bad for a period in her life. I would wake up and notice she wasn’t in bed, and my mother and I would find her just aimlessly walking down our narrow hallway. One creepy incident was when I noticed she had slept walk again, and instead of grabbing my mom because I felt bad, I decided to get her myself. I searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. Eventually I heard muffles from our closet in the bedroom and opened it to her with her chin low and hair in front of her face, ripping one of my jackets. I put her to sleep, and for some reason at the time it didn’t scare me that much. Not sure why, maybe because I was scared I couldn’t find my sister? But thinking of it now it was beyond alarming.

Anyway her sleepwalking got so bad to the point that my mom set up a camera with an alert system in the hallway because she worried she would fall down the stairs at the end of the hallway. I never sleepwalk ever, at least not from what I know. My mom woke up one night to the noise of the alarm going off and went in the hallway to do her usual grab and direct my sister back to sleep routine. However, she said she saw both me and my sister in the hallway with our hands holding each other’s and having our backs to her. Figuring I was awake and not worried, she told me to bring my sister back to bed. Only…I wasn’t responding and I was apparently sleep walking too. She came over to us and we both were staring ahead and bitting our lips apparently. My mom asked again what we are doing and tried her best to direct us back to our bedroom, with no success.

She said we were like rock solid. I was a 10 year old who weighed probably 60 pounds and my mom said she couldn’t move me at all. Eventually she said we both almost jerked our heads at the same time and looked up to the ceiling above us (were still holding hands like the creepy girls in the shining) and apparently said “were waiting for her, she wants us to go with her.” My mom was beyond freaked, and didn’t know what to do. My dad had overnights all the time because he was NYPD at the time, so she kinda just forced us awake. I don’t remember any of this and my mom said that was the only time she has ever seen me sleepwalk. I didn’t believe much of it, but she’s also spiritual. Recently when she told me this and I denied it, she brought out the old recordings of the hallway and I shit you not you can see our creepy slow hold handing down the hall, and that creepy voice my sister and I said. Just such a creepy weird incident.” — Jiilllzzz Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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