25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

22. My deceased dog visited me

“I’m sure this will get buried but my little dog, Benji, who died a little over 3 years ago, still visits me. Ever since he passed, a few times a month I’ll feel something jump into my bed just like he used to, but when I look I can’t see anything. I’m absolutely sure it’s him coming back to visit and cuddle.

It doesn’t happen as often now as when he first died, though.” — omg_its_ica

23. A man overdosed and floated above his body

“I knew this frat kid from Ole Miss that I used to party with. He had a xanax problem. One night he had too many bars and alcohol and overdosed. By time the ambulance came he had stopped breathing and didn’t have a pulse. He was clinically dead for a minute or two before being revived.

He claims to have floated above his body looking down on what the medical staff was doing. He said he started going through the roof towards a light. He said it was the most peaceful feeling he has experienced. Almost indescribable he said. It compares to know drug and you feel like the weight of the world is suddenly gone. He claimed to see a few family members just as he was pulled back to his body and revived. Is he telling the truth? Who knows. Trustworthy guy though. It changed him forever.” — DownvoteDaemon

24. We all shared the same dream

“I’ve been friends with the same group of girls since I was around 5-6 years old. When we were 18 one of us was killed in a brutal car crash. She hit a tree and snapped her neck. It was devastating.

A few months after it happened I had a dream that I was back in high school and I saw her. I said, ‘I miss you so much. I’m so sorry about what happened.’ She looked at me and said, ‘No! I’m not dead. It’s all a fraud!’ –then I woke up and shook it off.

The next day I got a call from my friend (another girl in our group) who says, ‘I had the weirdest dream about _ last night. We were back at our high school and she told me she wasn’t really dead.’

All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.” — aquabatgalv

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