25 People Tell Stories About Their Eerie Encounters With The Supernatural

These supernatural stories from Ask Reddit will give you chills that will last for days.

20. Everything in the house was knocked over

“I live in Missouri, my parents had left on a trip to Texas. My mom always talked about how she thought there was a ghost or something in our house, always saying she had little weird things happen to her in the downstairs bedroom (which is right next to the downstairs bathroom).

I had been at a friend’s house and came home around 2 or 3 AM. As far as I know the house had been locked up tight, this is why I used our spare key to get in. I opened the front door and noticed the downstairs bathroom light was on. This bathroom is small…the sink is barely far enough away from the toilet to sit down, and above the sink is a very big half body size mirror, there are also small trinkets on several shelves. Every trinket on the shelves was either knocked over or in the bathtub right next to the toilet and this heavy half body sized mirror was laying face down in the floor between the toilet and sink, maybe this doesn’t seem strange to anyone else but the mirror wasn’t broken, it was like someone took it off and set it down on the floor.

Nothing else had been messed with in the house from what I could tell, I called my parents who were still on Texas creeped myself out and then went back to my friends house.” — hpdovesmash

21. We heard knocking on the door — when no one was there

“When I was still in school we were in paris for a week, in a youth hostel. A lot of people around, some of them younger than me and my friends. Anyway, a few times a day we would here a very distinct knock on the door, always three times. We just asumed the other kids there were messing with us as nobody was there as we opened. We made it into some kind of game to catch the guys who did it, but we’d never see anyone, no matter how fast we opened the door. As I come back to the room from the shower and walk towards our door I hear the knocking again, as if someone inside the room was knocking. I froze in the corridor, with nothing on but my towel. Immediately one of my friends opens the door, convinced that this time he’d catch the kid because he happened to be right at the door. Well he didn’t.. He just looked at me and knew it wasn’t me, because I was still to far away.” — sirspamelot 

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