25 Movie Buffs On The Film That Is So Deeply Disturbing They Would Never Watch It Again

Skulls from movies
Unsplash / Cristian Grecu

1. The ABCs Of Death

“It’s a compilation of short films where the cause of death is related to a letter in the alphabet. Example A would be Abortion, B would be Bludgeoning and so on. I stopped watching after a short which had a scenario where two men are trapped in chairs and have to jack off to whatever was happening in front of them. Whoever finished last/didn’t was killed and it follows the winner round after round. Then they bring out a small child and an old man in a Bed in front of them. Had to turn it off after that.” — Cynical_Jingle

2. The Act Of Killing

“There’s nothing more surreal than watching mass murderers and rapists walk around freely, laugh about their crimes, be interviewed on television and then act out their crimes. It’s honestly the most disturbing and affecting thing I’ve ever seen.” — khytre

3. A Serbian Film

“My brother told me not to watch this so of course I did. Never again. No redeeming value and a complete descent into madness.” — ShagCarpetBomb


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