25 Coroners On The Strangest Cause Of Death They Have Ever Encountered

Bones for coroners
Unsplash / Rick Forgo

1. A random bolt hit him in the carotid artery, killing him

“Went to a death once where the guy had suddenly dropped at the side of the road and his co-workers didn’t know what had happened.

He worked for a company cutting grass verges in our town and had a ride on mower which was transported on the back of a trailer. The back of the trailer dropped down to form a ramp but was held under tension by a spring.

It turned out the bolt holding the spring was rusted and on this occasion the tension of the ramp coming down had sheared off the bolt head and fired it at him with huge force from the sudden release… it hit him square on in the carotid artery. Didn’t pierce the skin at all but ruptured it under the skin causing him to die within seconds. Weirdest death I have ever been to. Poor guy was only in his 40s/50s and had kids and a wife who waved him off to work that day. I was glad I didn’t have to go and give them the death message, wouldn’t have known where to begin.

If it had hit him anywhere else he would have had a big bruise and nothing more- there was a square inch or so of an area where it had the ability to be fatal and it got him. Final destination type weirdness.” — Briseadh

2. His body bloated and the tissue slid off

“Cause of death was listed as unknown in the end. Retirement community, so likely just old age. A small streamline trailer (the silver tube ones), guy disappeared in January, it was so air-tight no one noticed until June. He’d bloated, popped, and the rest of the soft tissue sloughed off. Put skeleton in bag, then had to go on an easter egg hunt for things like the skin from the hands for fingerprints. Found they’d floated out of the bathroom, around a corner, and under the bed. Only time I had to put on the full ‘spacesuit’ while working there, it was that bad.” — BloodyKitten


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