25 Campers On The Living Nightmares They Came Across While Deep Inside The Woods

These stories from Ask Reddit will convince you to stay inside. It’s far too dangerous out in the wild.
A camper
Unsplash / Ihor Malytskyi

1. There’s a terrifying, haunted house in South Lake Tahoe

“There’s a house in the woods on a hill in South Lake Tahoe. I’ve hiked there a few times to witness the weird.

Basically, you stand on a hill across from the house and the porch light appears. When you walk to the house(half mile) you lose site of it in the tree line before walking up on it.

When you walk to the house, there’s no light on. No lights work at all actually as the house is completely abandoned.

What’s creepy is I’ve seen this many times with many people and it’s always the same. We’ve even planted people at the hill and the house to see what’s happening- those on the hill see the porch light while those at the house do not.

These houses always have a story, don’t they? Story goes a girl would sneak her boyfriend into the house after parents were asleep and let him know they were asleep by turning on porch light. Girl died in fire.” — mkink

2. I discovered a dead man dangling from a tree

“I found a dead guy hanging from a tree out in the woods of a Korean national park. Really scared the shit out of me and the two guys with me. We were looking for a point and walking up a very steep hill when we rounded a bush and pretty much stumbled into this guy who hung himself from a tree. I sent them back down the hill and called up the duty desk for the nearby post. Standing up on the hill looking out at the last thing the guy must have seen just left me feeling incredibly lonely.” — Sparks_MD

3. Someone crushed the roof of our tent with their hands

“Went camping with my boyfriend when I was 19. We weren’t in a designated camping site, just out in the wilderness of Northern Scotland. Apart from the midges we hadn’t seen another organism for nearly a day. We had a fun evening drinking and watching the stars, fucking under nature’s canopy etc.

He fell asleep before me cause he’s a lightweight. I was just chilling in the tent using a torch to read my book when all of a sudden the roof just starts bowing inwards. It came down 2/3 feet to the point where I had to lie down so it didn’t touch me. I was still pretty wasted, but I’m sure I saw 10 points pressing in right above my face, like someone was pushing it down with their hands. I was full of rum at the time, and I’m a certified scouser, so I went outside with my torch and a knife in full on ‘lets-be-having-you’ mode, but there was no-one to be seen. I was scared shitless for the rest of the night.” — J4viator

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