21 Tattoo Artists Reveal The Dumbest Tat Anyone Ever Asked Them To Do

21. How a man burned his cheating fiancée.

“A couple comes into the shop I worked at a few years back, and they tell us they want to get each other’s on their shoulder blades. Not really a big deal in this line of work, it’s by far one of the most requested types of tattoos; and although we spent a good 15 or 20 mins trying to talk them out of it, they were very adamant that that’s what they wanted.

-Apparently, they were getting married the following week, as well as each being deployed to different places the week after that.  She to Korea, He to Afghanistan; but I digress-

So while they mosey around the shop, looking at some of the flash on the wall and waiting for an artist to become available; we notice that they’re whispering to each other, specifically him repeatedly saying ‘are you sure? I mean like are you really sure about this?’ and it seemed they were having a change of heart, possibly choosing actual matching designs as opposed to each other’s names…oh…oh, my Reddit friends, how wrong of an assumption that was.

After the artist that was to work on them cleaned up his station and came out to talk to them, that’s when she dropped the bomb…

‘I want to get his name FIRST AND LAST in old English, ACROSS MY BACK.’

Our jaws dropped.

We all (3 or 4 of us) were utterly taken back by these words that had just resonated in the air; shook our heads and asked her to repeat what she just said…surely nobody could be that stupid.

Again, that was a very wrong assumption to make.

So, without much more hesitation, mainly because ‘OK, you asked for it’ the artist got the design ready (13” across in two lines, this was a fucking MONSTER of a name) and got down to business; all the while the fiancé, watched with a face, which I can only describe as a calm, but pleased, disbelief…around 4 hours later, the tattoo was done; but the shop was closing. The fiancé had to schedule his for two days later. So that’s what he did.

But lo, when he came in two days later, her name is not what he requested.

No, he said he would rather have a Grim Reaper…as he knew, the whole time, that his soon-to-be wife, had been cheating on him with his brother; and decided to confront her with this knowledge only after they got home from her getting his full name tattooed across her back in huge, bold, uncoverable, black letters. Wedding called off. Shipped halfway across the globe. Good luck lady, I can only imagine what you would’ve said now, thinking about that seemingly simple question…‘are you sure?’”

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