44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

19. He didn’t understand why there wasn’t ‘fresh water’ available in the shower.

“Was an RA in college.

One of my residents was a rich freshman from Rhode Island. He lives on an island and takes a ferry into town.

Anyways, his first week, he asked if there was fresh water available in the shower. I didn’t understand what he meant, but apparently he didn’t like showering with city water and didn’t realize it was everywhere he went. I was so shocked and didn’t know what to say that I suggested he used water bottles to clean him. Yeah, he didn’t last long.”


20. Daddy bought her another high-rise condo, which was directly across from her current condo.

“I used to work at a wholesale kitchen appliance distributor. It was a multi-million-dollar company. The CEO’s daughter was my age (23 at the time) and would often come shoot the shit with us in sales. She had a high-rise condo by herself downtown, worth about $300,000. After I left, I bumped into one of my old coworkers and she came up in our conversation. I asked how she was doing, and my coworker informed me that daddy bought her another high-rise condo, which was directly across from her current condo, and the only other condo on that floor. Why did she get two high-rise condos? Well, she wanted the floor to herself. I kinda felt sorry for her because she was an only child and didn’t have many friends. She’d also never had a boyfriend in her life. She confided this in me when we were talking alone one time, and said all the guys she tries to date are intimidated by her family’s wealth. Looking back now, I think she might have been coming onto me. I still regret not asking her out…”



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