44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

41. She threw a tantrum because the plane didn’t have three first-class seats in a row for her to lay down.

“I was on a sold-out flight back home from Vegas once. WestJet flight, so ‘every seat is first class.’ This 18-year-old princess was upset that she couldn’t have 3 seats to herself so she could lay down, so she threw a tantrum and delayed the flight for 15 minutes. She refused to sit next to anyone, so she grabbed her stuff and left to a round of applause. Then they delayed the flight more to get her bags from underneath the plane.”


42. Teenage girls would throw their Starbucks change in the garbage can because they didn’t want to carry it around.

“I used to work at a Starbucks in a very wealthy area, I’d frequently see teenage girls throw their change in the garbage can because they couldn’t be bothered with carrying it around. At least throw it in the tip jar if you don’t want it!”


43. He lived on daddy’s credit cards but taunted others for living on daddy’s credit cards.

“This might be more of a hypocrite story than just a rich kid story, but here goes. I know a kid who’s super into the punk scene in our city, but he still lives at home at his parents’ mansion, is constantly quitting jobs or getting fired because he didn’t feel like showing up (wish I could afford to do that) and recently wrecked his car and his dad gave him a new one—so the songs he writes about being so misunderstood and oppressed in our society ring pretty hollow.

Yesterday I was driving with this kid and we pass by a group a middle class looking teens. He screams, ‘how do you like your daddy’s credit cards?’ at them—out of the new car his father gave him.”


44. ‘My family only buys black Ferraris… red is tacky.’

“I went to a pretty well-to-do university so my friends were always saying crazy things. One of the craziest was, ‘My family only buys black Ferraris… red is tacky.’”

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