44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

40. He was kicked out of high school for attempting to bribe a physics teacher with $4,000 to give him an ‘A’ for the quarter.

“All from a Chinese exchange student at my high school:

*While preparing for a skiing trip with his host family, he bought $10k of gear including a thousand-dollar pair of googles which had a HUD in them. He left them at home.

*He wanted to get an Audi R8 but ended up settling on a Range Rover. Reason being the speed bumps on campus. It wouldn’t even matter since he lives on campus and it takes 2 minutes on a flat surface to walk form his house to school. Parking in the Junior lot would result in walking 15 minutes up hill.

*Constantly spent thousands of dollars on shoes.

*Eventually kicked out for attempting to bribe a physics teacher $4,000 to give him an ‘A’ for the quarter. Also around the same time he turned in an English paper and the teacher read it and said ‘No way you wrote this.’ Ended up being he had paid someone to write every paper up until that point.

*When he was kicked out of my school he ended up going to another nearby boarding school. His parents had cancelled his debit card after they learned of the bribery attempt. His punishment was that his allowance was reduced to measly $2500 a month + $10k to buy stuff for his new room.”



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