44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

38. He stabbed a refrigerator with a knife and shrugged it off because his dad was ‘a baller at Bank of America.’

“I went to school on an athletic scholarship at a private Catholic school. The only reason I could afford to go here was because I was on the GI Bill, yellow ribbon program, and my athletic scholarship. I only stayed there for one year, for reasons you’ll soon find out. At first it started with my teammates complaining about the food at the dining hall. Omelet bars for breakfast each morning, surf and turf every Friday, pierogi bars, grilled fresh veggies. We had actual cooks working at this place, the food was divine. But I digress. I was at a party that the captain of our team was hosting, I didn’t really know anybody yet and thought this might be a good opportunity to meet the team and maybe make some friends. It was kind of lonely being a 26-year-old freshman. Well to make a long story short, near the end of the night, said captain was trashing his own apartment (university owned apts FYI). He took a Ka-bar (a big fuckin’ knife for those of you that don’t know) and started stabbing his refrigerator. I was outside having a smoke and he asked if he could bum one. I’m a nice guy, I say yes, we make some small talk. I asked him why he did that to his refrigerator knowing full well he would be charged for it and that it wouldn’t be cheap. His exact words, ‘I’m not paying for shit. My dad, he’s a baller at Bank of America.’”


39. He spent 15k one semester on weed and prostitutes.

“One of my friends in the first semester of college comes to me and tells me, ‘Hey man we have to calm down this next semester, spent 15k on weed and prostitutes alone.’ Don’t know how much those prostitutes were but I spent around $300 in weed and we hung out most of the time. He also used his black card for the prostitutes which I thought was pretty hilarious since I’m sure his parents must have seen all the massages he got.”



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