44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

2. Her parents gave her a brand-new Dodge Viper for her birthday. She hated the color and gave a friend the title, so her parents bought her a new one.

“Girl in high school got a brand-new Dodge Viper for her birthday. Not here to start a car war, it’s what she wanted, roll with it. Anyway, she hated the color, handed the title to a friend, and they bought her a new one.”


3. He was embarrassed because his mom came to pick him up from school in the less expensive helicopter.

“When I was a teenager I used to compete in athletics tournaments with school. One time we traveled to this really elite private school where only the kids of rich folk went. We had done a whole day of athletics and we were sitting on a grass verge eating our sandwiches at which point a helicopter comes in to land about 40 meters away. Just as we were all marveling at the fact some kid was being picked up in a chopper, this snooty little tosser who was sitting near us exclaimed aloud to his friends ‘My mum’s here to collect me and she’s brought the shit helicopter. She’s so embarrassing.’”



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