44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

34. He wrecked three cars, so his parents bought him a fourth.

“There were five high schools in my district. The one I attended had the average income of above 100K per household while the other schools were close to half that. Over the course of 4 years, I can think of multiple cases of rich kid syndrome; however, this one takes the cake.

The kid was an older freshman and became one of the first students to get their learning permit. Parents immediately purchased a BMW with all of the bells and whistles. Within 4 months of having the car, the kid got multiple speeding tickets AND totaled the car. Parents bought another car (not as expensive but had numerous extra features) on their 16th birthday. Took half a year before getting into another wreck. Parents sold the car to get Another car. This car was a considerable downgrade from the previous 2 cars. This car lasted the longest before the kid got a DUI at 18 but still in high school. The parents sold the third car and sent their kid to rehab. Once the kid went to college (private school) they purchased him another car. This was last I heard from the kid.”


35. She complained that the only bright side of her birthday was that ‘my dad bought me a brand-new Jeep.’

“A girl posted about how it was the worst birthday of her life, followed up by ‘The only bright side is my dad bought me a brand-new Jeep’ and continued to complain about her terrible day.”



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