44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

26. He poured super-expensive champagne on the club floor to impress the ladies.

“I was at a club with a very rich friend of a friend, who wanted to show off and impress the LAAAAAAAADIES and he poured some super expensive champagne on the floor and was like ‘WHATS MONEY EEEEH.’

I would have told him he’s a fucking idiot and should rethink his life then and there, but I saved that for after he picked up the tab that night (he was overall a very unpleasant guy).”


27. Every semester before returning home, they would toss their barely used designer shirts and sunglasses into the dumpster.

“Maybe not ‘worst.’ Back when I was in college (in the US), at the end of every school year, the students who were from other countries (in particular, Japan, China, and India) would throw out barely-used clothes, bicycles, and any other items they couldn’t bring back with them over summer and didn’t bother to keep in storage. These were often students that were going to this US college for 4 years, but who were just going home for summer.

Many people would go dumpster diving after they left and find designer clothes and tons of other great stuff for free. Can’t complain, cause many of us benefited from it, but I can’t imagine how rich you must be to throw away those things and not think that anyone else would ever want a barely-used designer shirt or sunglasses.”



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